Why the Media is Pro-Gay Marriage.

Hello, my name is Nick Saldivia and welcome to my blog. I am an 18 year old American Christian, born and raised in California to two loving parents from Argentina. This blog was created for as a project for my college class, so I took the opportunity to write about a subject which has brought a lot of discussions to the country, from the floor of the US Senate to dinner tables in the suburbs, and that is Homosexuality. Since I am a Christian, I will be writing about how the media is being used in such a manner that it affects how people think about homosexuality and makes it seem that all Christians are homosexual bigots. I will try my hardest to write from a neutral point of view as much as possible, while still holding to my Christian values. This blog is dedicated to my cousin that even though we may never fully understand each other, we have mutual respect for our beliefs and lifestyles, but she knows that I love her no matter what and that I would take a bullet for her. And lastly I thank you for taking time to read this blog and I hope that it brings light to a subject in a manner that you may not have thought of before. God bless.

In this age of progress and advances in fields such as technology, medicine, and science, it’s only natural that we as a society want to keep moving away from our old past style of living in order to become more advanced. In the past, radical ideas such as civil rights and woman rights were thought of as crazy, but looking back on them now, they were necessary changes for the well being of everyone. These two important advances are now being tied by the media to the “homosexuality rights” for pro-homosexual marriage. Pastor Kevin DeYoung wrote that the movements are all being tied in such a way that it makes it seem like being against homosexual marriage would be like being against enlightenment and progress, to be on “the wrong side of history” in a sense. With all the ideas that ended up being good and beneficial, that there are just as many ideas that were tossed aside after they were believed to be the “next step in human progress” such as Communism and eugenics. But the media “accidentally” always leaves these movements out, and basically say “don’t be like the idiots who thought the sun revolved around the sun or that slavery was okay.”


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